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    Only export audio no image


      Hi chic@



      Since a few days ago when I try to export in video already edited, I only export the audio and not the image and the two tabs of the video and the audio are clicked. Do you have any idea what it can be ??? Thank you

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A bit more information, like OS/CPU/RAM/GPU, and the number-dot-number version of PrPro, the media being used on the sequence, and include a screen-grab of the Export Settings dialog box by dragging/dropping it onto your reply ... would have a much better start to guessing then, if not see a direct answer.



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            CHIAGAMER REVIEWS Level 1


            Thanks for answering. The OS I use is Windows 10n Pro OS version 10.0.17134.191 (Win10 RS4) Intel Core I7-8086K Limited Edition SLI Asus Rog-Strix-GTX1070TI-A8G-Gaming G.Skill Trident Z Rgb Ddr4 3200 Pc4-25600 32gb 4x8gb Cl16 version of Adobe Premiere PRO 12.1.2


            The problem comes when I go to media and I try to render a video and it ends it just listens not to see the image and it's weird because in the editing part it's all ok

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              Kristian Gabriel Adobe Community Professional

              Just curious what format you are exporting. H.264/MP4 or other? I have the computer with those exact stats. If you have video during the edit and then you export and and lose the video--it's possibly your video card (needs updating) or its the File Format/Codec. If its the file format you are exporting--it's possible that the codec is corrupt or non-existent.  I know its fundamental but always make sure that EXPORT VIDEO is checked:



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                CHIAGAMER REVIEWS Level 1


                The format that I have always been exporting is the H.264 / MP4 update the cards to the last nvidia driver and nothing, I went back to the previous one and I did not have a positive result either.

                Graphics cards can not fail because in gaming they work perfectly both on their own and in SLI.

                The video that I'm trying to edit has images in PNG and video in Mp4 and when I give media to render and in the left part is the video to visualize this all ok since it lets me see it and listen to it and the video check is marked.

                I'll have to edit the video again because I do not understand anything.

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                  CHIAGAMER REVIEWS Level 1


                  I'm trying to export a video with H264 to take advantage of the hardware acceleration and the GPU of the processor and thus be able to do other things while doing the rendering, but only export the audio the video does not appear, do you know why? ?