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    Flash 8 - Upgrade Plugin Problems?

      I have recently had some strange problems with Flash. I am teaching in a high school using the Adobe package. This Easter holiday the problems started.
      I created some small movie clips which were to function as animations on roll over buttons. The first I made was, fine, the two next I made acted strange. Whatever I had placed outside the scene, to get it animate over the scene, was also suddenly visible outside the scene when the movie playd. That didn't look very nice when placed into the main scene.
      When the HTML file was running in IE or Firefox, it acted strange. It wouldn't allow my file to run because of active x-controls. I had to click several times to open it. When opened, the animation wouldn't run before I had clicked even another time.
      I also found a folder called script, with a script file inside. It was inside a folder I just had created, so it was certainly nothing I had created.
      Another problem is that the Norwegian characters suddenly dissapears, when I start Flash again, they are back.
      I am using Flash 8.

      What are these problems all about?
      Today I talked with the computer system manager at our school. He meant that the reason of the problem was upgrades from Adobe, plugins not working correctly.
      I tried my files on the computers at my school, same problem. Just to test I made a simple little animation with a ball starting outside the screen, moving to the other side, on a PC in the school. Everything outside the sceene was visible independent of my machine. So independent of each other, the laptop I work on at home got the problem this Easter holiday, so did the machines at school.

      If the problem really is new plugins from Adobe, I guess that most of the Flash world out there has simular problems. If the rest of you haven't got this problem, obviously there must be another reason.

      If anyone can enlighten me here, I would really apreciate that!

      Thanks in advance!