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    Rigid bodies with the new physics engine

    KingDruid Level 1
      I wrote the following to adobe, hopefully they answer:

      made a U shape object and a small ball that fits within it. I created rigidbodies for both of them and told them to be #concave, but the U shaped object acts like a box no matter what I try. The ball rolls fine on the floor, but it will not roll under the U I made. Is this a bug? Can we only create round and square shapes? I was able to do this before with the Havok xtra.

      Here is my code
      m = s.model("Frame")
      FrameRB = PhysicsWorld.createRigidBody("Frame","Frame", #convexShape, #dynamic)

      m = s.model("FGuide")
      FGuideRB = PhysicsWorld.createRigidBody("FGuide","FGuide", #convexShape, #dynamic)

      Here is the init code:
      PhysicsWorld = member( "PhysicsWorld" )
      PhysicsWorld.gravity = vector( 0.0000, 0.0000,-45.0000)