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    Do premium images come with an extended license?




      I'm interested in purchasing images for the purpose of using them inside a booklet that will be sold. I understand that to use stock images in merchandise they need an extended license.


      If I want to purchase a credit pack of premium images (for example 80 credits for 16 premium images) are those 16 images covered under the license to put them in merchandise? There seem to be no option to select different licenses for premium images so I am unsure if premium images are covered.


      Thank you

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          Thanks for reaching out to the Adobe Stock community.


          I would like to let you know that the premium images are covered under the Enhanced license and are available in two sizes(large and small).

          I understand your concern that you want to use the assets for merchandise, however, as per the policy you cannot use an Enhanced license for the merchandise.

          For more information you may also refer to License information and Terms of use | Adobe Stock

          So, I would suggest you to modify the images to an extent that they do not resemble the original one or do not retain the originality and use them as per your requirements(for reselling or merchandise).


          Note: Your modifications must not violate or infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, nor place the author or the model in a bad light or depict them in any way that might be deemed offensive.

          Also, if you are purchasing Credit Packs(for example 80 credits for 16 premium images), please follow the same steps as mentioned above.


          Hope this information helps!


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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