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    Muse site is not secure -- Godaddy says it's a Muse issue (the site shows https by mistake)

    sebastian2012a Level 1

      Today, I uploaded a site made in Muse to a Godaddy hosting account (which hosts a number of non-SSL domains, as well as one SSL).


      But when I try to open the site in a browser, I get the message "Your connection is not secure" because the URL has changed to https by mistake (e.g. there is not, and should not be, an SSL certificate for this domain).


      I talked a long time with a Godaddy supporter who said the problem has to come from Muse: There was installed an SSL-certificate by mistake on the domain today, and he said it had to be because of Muse. He deleted the wrong certificate, but that didn't help.


      I told him that, to my knowledge, there are no options at all to choose between http and https in Muse. He replied, that there was no chance that Adobe would have an applicaton without that option.


      So could any of you please enlighten me?


      Is this a Muse problem or a Godaddy problem?


      Another thing: One browser (Safari) did allow me to bypass the warning - but only to show a message like "A new exciting site is coming soon". So the uploaded site didn't even seem to be there. When I check Godaddy's File Manager, all the Muse files are there however, and they all look correct.


      Other Muse sites I've uploaded on the same server do not have this problem...