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    Building online designer tool

      Hi Gurus,

      Just a newby in AIR and Flex environment. I have development background in Microsoft Technologies (especially web technologies).

      I am considering AIR environment for building a designer tool that should let a user perform the following operations. The basic question on hand is "Weather its a right tool/environment to build this kind of application". The feature list is:

      1- Should have open (not limiting on height or width) canvas as background layer.
      2- User shall be able to upload an image on background layer.
      3- User shall be able to add layers on above background layer.
      4- Each layer should let the user add interactive objects (custom objects MXML+ Action Scripts + Web Services).
      5- Each layer should be treatable as composite/individual entity
      6- Z-indexing of various layers
      7- Show/hide any layer
      8- Transparency for overlapping layer (must be configurable for each layer)
      9- Save the complete document with all layers in some format (preferably in xml format)

      Any help or direction is highly appreciated.