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    Hasselblad error library & preview

    jalleystudios Level 1

      Hi Adobe Family,


      Am having an issue exporting images (I select 165, and it exports 161), and then I find a few Hasselblad files are the culprit missing images.  When I go back into LR and see one of the files, it gives me an "unknown error".  I then copied the raw and xmp to desktop, deleted the image and tried to import both of them back into LR.

      Then I get this error.


      "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo.  You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo. "


      I then go to Finder and open the file in PS CC 2018 and it opens just fine.


      I go back to import or Sync (because importing does copy it to the folder, and it gives me "Photos failed to build (1)" error


      So what gives -- why is LR Classic giving me an issue with this (and 3 others).  I have other FFF files that are fine and dandy.  Any thoughts?


      (Mac OSX 10.13.5 + Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.4 release + Adobe Raw 10.4)