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    Loading XML based on User Decision

    72dolphins Level 1
      I am working on a Flash project that involves an intro movie, which - when done - leads to a "decision" screen where the user chooses what kind of "visitor" they are. In other words, an intro movie will play and then lead to a screen with three choices: "I am this", "I am this", or "I am this".

      No matter what they choose, the area and graphics they are taken to is the same (a flash map with rollover content pop-ups). But, based on what kind of user they selected in the previous screen, the content will vary slightly on this map. I could just have three scenes for the three different users using the same graphics and map (but with different content in each), but that seems to be a waste. Is there a way to have the Flash map appear with the correct content based on the user decision from the previous screen?

      An example would be this:
      User A watches the intro movie and decides they are "Visitor A". They click on that button and are taken to the Flash map with their customized content (hopefully loaded via XML). User B watches the same intro movie, but this time chooses "User B". They are taken to the same map and area (within the same scene or clip), but contains slightly different content.

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!