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    Two assets I licensed are the same - how do I refund one?

    honorm76400537 Level 1

      As silly as it sounds, I accidentally licences the same vector objects in two licenses.  They have different item numbers, and this particular seller does all they can to flood the search results - s/he has vectors where there are over thirty versions of the same object mirrored, flipped, with or without a fill or background.


      So, anyway, I had to buy a number of elements from this set - over 50 stock assets for this one project - it it turns out, even with the hours and hours I wasted going over every one of the 5000+ images s/he has spammed the service with, I still managed to purchase a few assets twice.  The auto-traced parchment background (they include it in hundreds of images) is licensed in several other assets I licensed, because they make it very difficult to find the clean single version of many of these - so it doesn't matter which one is returned.


      Is there some way to unlicense those duplicate assets?


      As clarification, for those who don't work in vector art applications, here's an example:

      To a bitmap artist, those may look like different images, but when you're specifically buying vectors, it's just the same asset four times - rotated and mirrored - and, for the second one, a second object (group of objects) for the background.


      What you've really got is this object (well, 145 path objects in a group, to be technical)

      The other one, angled up, is a few mouse clicks - duplicate, rotate, mirror. Changing the color is a mouseclick. Filling in the inside areas with color is a couple mouse clicks. The parchment background is 1794 objects that aren't part of the main object (and technically violate Stock's TOS anyway)


      The asset - and just one copy of the asset - is what you're paying for. This isn't like a photograph where a picture of the model facing left is a different image (and license) than one of the model facing right.


      In a vector image, the mathematical equations and data that describe the object(s) are the licensable asset, and a standard license allows you to modify them as needed.  If you buy a license to that one grouped element, you can make any of the other 30+ images the person has spammed the search results with, or any number of other combinations of mirrored, flipped, or differently colored copies of the same vector shape, and there's no copyright violation.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I understand your situation here where you've licensed two similar images.

          However, there is no way to unlicense them, but I can add an additional license to your account to use against one of the images.


          Kindly confirm me the file IDs for these 2 identical images so that we can check the same and help you further.




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            honorm76400537 Level 1

            Hi Sheena - Thanks.


            137811306 & 198293497 are essentially the same, as are 76721632 & 75601522. Pick either one. Obviously, I'd be a _lot_ happier if there were either a confirmation dialog, or a way to return them after getting a look at high-res files, but your solution is better than nothing


            There are others in the same portfolio that are the same, but those are the ones I fell for.  I was tired!  I spent over 30 hours trying to decode that mess and find the actual base elements of each design on a white or empty background. :-)


            I mean, this element: 213744560 is the plain, base element, but all of these are just the same element flipped, filled, mirrored, etc:

            213744560, 213744560, 213744564, 213744509, 213744559, 213744191, 213744079, 213744234, 213743815, 213744183, 213744179, 213744186, 213744078, 213744390, 213744415, 213744419, 213744201, 213744416, 213744039, 213744204, 213744325, 213744511, 213744530, 213743945, 213743963, 213743867, 213743815, 213743860, 213744174, 213744056, 213743801, 213747866, 213744302, 213744348


            There are 26 variations of 212760285. There are 32 variations of 213446550. 122318697 and 178641371 are literally exactly the same file with different descriptions. 122318603 has at least one exact duplicate as well.


            It was a very bittersweet work week sifting through all the over 5000 images that person has posted.  The individual baroque arabesque elements were exactly what I needed, but the put so much energy into spamming the search results, and made it so incredibly difficult to find them... Yeah. That's a week I'll never get back.


            Anyway... Thank you.

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              I totally understand the situation that you're facing and I agree that a confirmation dialog box would've been helpful. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be passing the details to the product team so that they can work on the experience.


              Also, I've checked your account for the 2 images that are duplicates and since there is no option to unlicense an image; I've added 1 license to your account to use against one of the duplicates.


              Hope that helps!




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