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    OpenGL in AIR

      I would like to run an OpenGL application in AIR as a widget on the UI. Is it possible? If so how can it be done?


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          duncanhall Level 1
          The only way I can see this being possible is if you can get your OpenGL app running in a browser. If you can, then you could simply embed the OpenGL app into a webpage, and then load that page into AIR via an HTMLLoader. However, even if the OpenGL does run in a browser, it doesn't necessarily guarantee that the webKit engine in AIR will support it. I have a similar problem with shockwave content - webKit does support shockwave content, but for some reason its not supported in the AIR environment.

          Basically I think it's pretty unlikely you'll be able to encorporate your OpenGL app into AIR.
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            Ansury Level 3
            If you're after 3D in AIR/Flex, take a look at the open source Papervision3D project. It's more centered around Flash but they have an example of how to use it in Flex and I've gotten it working in AIR/Flex. Couldn't tell you much more about it though, I just discovered it today!
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              anirudhs Level 2
              Hi Aaron,

              Running an OpenGL application in AIR as a widget is not possible in 1.0.

              Check out papervision if you want to do 3d in flash and shockwave if you need hardware accelerated 3d.