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    Skinning application window

    Milo[HUN] Level 1

      My problem is this. I'd like to create own skin for my flex application window by replacing the original chrome.
      It needs to be resizable, and the the window control buttons (close button, minimize, maximize button) sholud be on skin too.
      Is there any tutorial available where i can find how it's working (is it an swf, or a bitmap skin definined in css)?
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          anirudhs Level 2

          Take a look at c:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.0.0/frameworks/projects/airframework/defaults.css to understand how the chrome / WindowedApplication is being skinned.

          Looking at the source of mx.core.windowClasses.TitleBar,StatusBar and mx.core.WindowedApplication will help as well.