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    ? sign on folders in Lightroom


      Okay I have two 2 external drives with same name but different folders. On one drive folders now have question mark next to dates.  I can see and make development changes but when I go to print I get missing original file.


      Please email [no-email address on these public fora please] these forums are to hard to navigate.

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

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          Your problem description looks like you could use Lightroom Classic CC or prior. So I moved to the Lr Classic CC forum.

          Forum answers will be here and not by e-mail (but depending on your setting, you will get e-mails when someone answers)

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi BS111,


            Sorry that your images are showing up missing in the Print module and folders contained in 2 external hard disks with the same name are showing  "?" sign. As you've mentioned that there are 2 external drives with the same name, I believe that this is confusing Lightroom to look for the folder in the correct location. Please refer the outlined process of indicating the missing folders in Lightroom in this article: How to create and manage folders in Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC


            Let us know if that helps in connecting the folder on the correct harddrive.




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              dj_paige Level 10

              Same drive name but different folders and images? Are you on a Mac or Windows? What version of Lightroom (we need the version NUMBER and not words like "current")


              If Mac, having the same drive name but different content on the drives will cause the ? to appear, and all you need to do is unplug one drive and plug in the other dirve and the ? from the one drive will disappear, and then the ? will appear on the other drive. If you want both drives to appear without ? then the drives probably need to have different names.

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                BS111 Level 1

                Thank you




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