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    PSE 18 Clean install advice PSE 14, 15 18 on same computer


      Any good advice for me before I undertake uninstalling all my PSE Elements versions and reinstalling just pse 18…? I would like to clean up my computer and reduce the disk footprint from 3 Elements versions that are running on it. I do all my work in 18. I plan on continuing to use just PSE 18 but the little I have learned is it could possibly get quirky if I uninstall just the 2 previous PSE version. Tentative plan is to do a full backup to an external hard-drive of PSE 18 (already have one of 14 & 15). Then one by one uninstall all my PSE Elements versions, then reinstall PSE 18 and restore catalog from my backup. Any particular order to uninstall in? Would a backup done before I uninstall anything be any different from a backup done after I have uninstalled just PSE 14 & 15..? Much thanks for any advice that could save me unnecessary aggravation later on.