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    Flash Player not working on one website


      Hello community!


      I bought a book to learn a new language. It comes with a CD-Rom that has demonstration videos on it. It uses Firefox to show the videos, however, the only thing I can see is a white screen. I have Windows 10, since I am German I bought my laptop there. I bought the book in America. I already have the newest version of the flash player, I tried removing it from my laptop and installing it again. I tried starting my laptop again. I tried different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and I also tried using an extern DVD reader with the region code for the US. Firefox is also updated to the newest version.

      Nothing seems to work, even though I can watch everything else that needs the Flash Player. I tried to change the Global Settings, deactivated the Plug In, using the admin on my laptop to play it.


      I cannot provide a link to the website because it says it is a local file (since it is on the CD-Rom). Does anyone have any ideas what could solve this problem?