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    Can use Flex 3 apps within XHTML pages?

      Hi there,

      I'm a XHTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT developer currently learning Flex 3 to use with Java & ASP.NET for RIA.

      I'm trying to see if one could embed Flex 3 applications into an XHTML file - much like using Flash. For example, let's say if I develop an RIA in Flex 3 - which contains a menu. Can I just compile the menu into a SWF and call that up with the <embed> on an XHTML page?

      The reason is because the website I'm developing, I'd like to have the static pages remain in XHTML and the RIA in Flex 3. But, I want the menus to look consistent - so I would just embed the SWF file.

      Can this be done? How?