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    Disk and CPU utilization Script


      Hello Team,


      I have a environment where the previous admin configure the disk utilization script and cpu utlization script and configure it in OSGI configuration, and it runs in intercal of every one minute, but I observe that the script is not running and getting error, the script configured in com.adobe.granite.monitoring.impl.ShellScriptExecutorImpl.


      The script runs if we manually run it from command prompt ../../monitoring/diskusage.sh


      How can I find what causing this scripts not to run.


      Thank you

      Avinash Udawant

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          kautuksahni Adobe Employee

          Can you please check the Adobe Granite Monitor Handler in configManager (http://localhost:<port>/system/console/configMgr )?

          And can you please check the error coming up in the error.log.




          Take snapshot of diskusage.sh configuration and delete it.

          Refresh the page and recreate the property with the same values as the snapshot.

          Re-create will pick the location of the factory scripts with default configuration.

          Note : you may totally delete the factory configurations under "Adobe Granite Monitor Handler" if  monitoring is not required at all.