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    workflow lightroom photoshop problem

    Rainer Taepper

      Hi there,


      my workflow is like this:

      I import a raw file into lightroom,

      then I make some small changes to the image in lightroom,

      I open it up in photoshop for retouching,

      save it and then go back to lightroom.

      In lightroom I do the finishing work to the image.

      So far so good.


      But here is my problem.

      After I'm done with the image in lightroom,

      I often discover something in the image that only can be fixed in photoshop.

      So I open up the image again in photoshop and fix it.

      I save the image and go back to lightroom.

      And then here comes the problem, after I saving the image again in photoshop,

      all lightroom changes are gone.


      Is there a setting that makes the lightroom changes still be there after saving the image in photoshop again?

      Thanks for the Help