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    Premiere crashes after I change audio output

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      Hi so Im new to public forums but not new to Premiere Pro. Ever since I got a new macbook pro, Ive been having issues with Premiere that Ive never had before. My main issue occurs when I occasionally switch from wearing my bluetooth Beats to using the build in speakers. I change them in System Preferences > Audio Hardware. After pressing "OK" (and after Ive either disconnected or connected my headphones) I will press the space bar to watch my edit. But the play button turns into the square stop button and then the app freezes. Then the only way to reset the problem is to force quit the application after the app tells me "Application Unresponsive". Is this a bug? Will Adobe fix this? Is there anything I can do? Let me know if you need more information, thanks for the help!

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          Hi, I also just got a new MacBook Pro 15in 2018... with Adobe Premiere 2018 CC installed.. I have Beats Studio 3 headphone.... and I have the same issues as you. Whenever I want to use my Bluetooth Headphone as Audio Output Hardware, Adobe Premiere freezes..... Can someone help us please?


          EDITED - SOLVED: I played with I/O Buffer Size. I change the numbers... And finally everything works normally.