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    AEM 6.2 sp1[Classic UI] : Next Workflow step appearing multiple times against each user in the group.

    cquser1 Level 2

      Hi All,


      We are building a custom workflow for approval/rejection.


      1] wherein the main motive is to run this workflow on a page[which is the payload for the workflow] and it is routed to different groups for approval/rejection based on some requirements. As of now, there is no other logic involved and just routing to different groups based on the requirements.


      2] We are using 'Participant Step' from under the 'Workflow' section, while creating the model. Also, we are using OR step, to be passed into the respective participant step, based on approval/rejection. Apart from there couple of 'GoTo Steps'. There are no other steps involved in the model. There is no custom code present as of now in the model.


      3] Supose I am at one of the step, from where I have to go to either Approval/Reject step. If approved, there is a goto step, post which it will go to next step in the workflow. If rejected, it will go to next step accordingly.

         But one thing that we noticed is, when we go to classic UI inbox[http://localhost:4502/inbox.html] and click on 'Complete'. In the 'Next Step' dropdown, the same step is shown once against the group and once against each individual user in the group. Suppose in this case, on selecting Reject step, it is going to Rejection step, which  is assigned to 'RejectionGroup' which has 'RejectionUser1'. So the same step appears twice. In case I add one more user to RejectionGroup, the dropdown will show Rejection Step(RejectionGroup),Rejection Step(RejectionUser1),Rejection Step(RejectionUser2) and so on, which doesnt look proper.


         Can you let us know as to how this can be avoided.  Any thoughts/pointers/reference code/reference article on how to overcome this scenario will be really helpful.