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    How to Delete GDPR Records Automatically.

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      I am trying to delete GDPR records, by default 2 step process is activated.

      Because of which every record gets deleted only after confirming delete.


      How to override confirm delete setting of GDPR & automatically delete records.

      I have tried below code. Provided in following link :

      Campaign Classic - General Data Protection Regulation


      Even after using following code records doesn't get delete automatically, It remains in confirm delete pending state.

      What can be the issue?





      This code calls an API to create new Privay request on the DB

      It requires 4 parameters below

      Feel free to change parameter values


      // 1. namespace internal name

      var namespaceName = "defaultNamespace1";

      // 2. reconciliation value for privacy request

      var reconciliationValue = "example@adobe.com";

      // 3. privacy request type



      var requestType = GDPR_REQUEST_TYPE_ACCESS;

      // 4. confirm deleting data required

      // value : true or false

      var bConfirmDeletePending = true;

      // BEGIN

      var requestId = nms.gdprRequest.CreateRequestByName(namespaceName,reconciliationValue, requestType, bConfirmDeletePending);

      // User can use a simple queryDef with requestID as a parameter to check request status