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    Premiere not playing back any sequences


      This has shut me down for the whole day, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping it is something simple that I've missed, since it was all working fine just yesterday. I hadn't installed anything new or updated anything before encountering this problem.



      ⦁ Can't play any timeline/sequence. The play button changes but the CTI doesn't move and no playback ocurrs.

      ⦁ When I try to save, the  program locks up.

      ⦁ When I exit, Task Manager shows the program is still running. I have to manually terminate the program.


      Steps to resolve:

      ⦁ Restarted machine. No change

      ⦁ Opened other projects. No change

      ⦁ Uninstalled all versions of Premiere (2017 & 2018). Restarted then reinstalled 2018 12.1.1 only. No change.

      ⦁ Ran Malwarebytes and restarted. No change

      ⦁ Installed back to CC 2018 12.0. No change

      ⦁ Uninstalled 2018 again, restarted, ran Windows update, restarted and reinstalled 2017. No change

      ⦁ Updated Nvidia driver to 397.93 (enterprise stable). Restarted. No change

      ⦁ Changed Nvidia 3D global preset to "3D App - Visual Simulation". No change


      Model: HP Z6 G4 Workstation

      Windows 10 (64-bit) - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

      Version: 10.0 Build: 17134

      BIOS version: P60 v01.51

      Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6154 CPU @ 3.00GHz

      Enabled Processor Count: 36

      Total Memory: 96 GB

      Graphics Card & Driver: Quadro P5000 -- 397.93