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    DNG RAW Color processing


      I'm working with RAW DNG footage from a Canon 5d Mark iii running Magic Lantern. The footage is shot underwater so the color temperature is way off. When processing this inside Premiere Pro CC is looks like it doesn't effect the RAW data. Just the processed RGB data.


      When  i process the footage in After effects with the Adobe Raw converter I get way better color results when changing the white balance. See difference.


      Premiere Pro: (+79 on tint slider in Lumetri Panel)



      AE: (+79 on tint slider)

      M31-0916 (0-00-30-00) AE.jpg


      The luxetri panel also doesn't show the shot color temperature. I suspect Premiere reads it as As Shot?


      My Prores proxy's in Premiere look exactly the same as the DNG's when applying the Lumetri correction.


      Do I miss something?