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    Could Not "..." becuase the scratch disks are full?

    NasTheGod Level 1

      I'm currently using Photoshop cc 2018 on a MacBook Air. My laptop doesn't come with that much memory to begin with so its a struggle lowkey. Anyways after i updated from cc 17 to cc 18 I started to run into an issue where I couldn't complete simple tasks bc my scratch disks are full. I only have 7Gbs of memory free which in fact IS NOT full. I see myself having to free memory anytime I want to use photoshop. This wouldn't be so much of an issue but on CC17 i never once got that error message no matter how low on memory i was. I could have 100mb left and photoshop would still let me do whatever I have to do. No I'm not looking to purchase an external memory source so please don't mention that to me. I'm looking for a way to completely remove or bypass that issue since it seemed to only happen in the newer version of photoshop.