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    custom HTML meta tags in head section

    Pet3689 Level 1
      We want to add custom HTML code to our html-type (HTMLHelp, FlashHelp, WebHelp) output.

      We know how to add HTML code to the <body> section, by selecting from RoboHelp's main top menu "Insert > HTML".

      We also know how to add HTML code to multiple topics at once, by adding the HTML code to the header and/or footer or a template, and linking the relevant topics to that template.

      We now want to add HTML code (in particular, custom META tags) to the <head> section. However, it appears that the content of the template header appears in the <body> section.

      Of course, we could run a search-and-replace-all on our existing topics, to replace existing HTML code on the <head> section with our custom code. But we would need to remember to do this each time we add a new topic. It is not a big deal, but this does not seem to be a very efficient way of doing this.

      We figure that there must be some type of collection of HTML-templates that RoboHelp uses each time a new topic is created, to automatically insert some standard HTML code. But, do we have easy access to such HTML-templates? Where are they stored?

      Thanks for you help!