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    PPro 2018 (12.1.2) Poor Performance on iMac Pro

    crmccrackin Level 1

      Look...I get that it takes time to fully optimize software. I also know that Adobe apps often times like faster clock speeds over more cores...regardless PPro 2018 runs horrible on my few months old 18-Core iMac Pro. I waited to see if they'd update to improve performance. Despite the last update mentioning doing things to fix performance on Macs, I have seen none. The 2013 8-core Mac Pro I was using before could handle the RAW files I threw at it at half res better than this iMac Pro can at 1/4 res in PPro CC 2018.


      I thought maybe it was the machine, but then I re-dowloaded PPro CC 2017 and it run circles around CC 2018! It is night and day. What gives Adobe? This is an issue no matter what type of RAW file I try to run in CC 2018 (Canon, RED, etc). For a program that touts being able to play back RAW files natively to struggle this much on such a high end machine is unacceptable, especially when the previous yr's release can still handle it, no problem. I pay for CC so I can get the latest updates as soon as possible and use the new feature. What good are new features if the software is so poorly optimized it can't even play the footage.


      Here is a video demonstrating the poor performance I am and have been experiencing when trying to play RAW files (or pretty much any 4K+ files other than ProRes) in 2018 vs in 2017:


      PPro CC 2018 vs 2017 on 18-Core iMac Pro - YouTube


      I am open to hearing any opinions, options of settings to change etc, but as far as I can tell I have both versions of PPro set up the exact same way. If nothing else I want to present visual evidence of the problems so Adobe can hopefully investigate and work on better optimization.