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    Unexpected error opening catalog - issue occurs regularly


      Happens regularly when I open the application, sometimes every other time, sometimes I will get it to open 5-6 times before the error.  Only fix I have found is to replace with a backup then it works fine EVERY SINGLE TIME. 


      I am reasonably sure this is a DB issue.  I reduced my number of years/pictures in my catalog from 100k+ to under 15k pics no joy. 


      Why does LR do this?  Seems like it started after the split with CC and CC classic.  Can an admin help?  Glad to send you my catalog that locked up, I save it as _old.  Drives me crazy to backup every time I exit but I have no other way around currently.


      Macbook Pro

      Local SSD drive for LR Catalog

      External Drive for pictures

      Lightroom Classic CC


      I have been a LR user for 7-8 years and this is awful right now.