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    How To Fix A Diagonal Crop?

    jw17307866 Level 1

      Hi Guys, just wondering how I would fix a diagonal crop?


      As you can see the line I have created is not straight, therefore I need to correct the bulge (bottom left corner - check image) so that the cut appears much cleaner.


      How do I do this?Screenshot (35).png

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dont use a mask from the Crop effect but rather from Opacity.

          I also see two masks they might overlap each other.


          Post a screenshot of the diagonal mask highlighted (click on the word Mask in the Effect Controls) so we can see the nodes, also zoom/magnify out so we can see outside the frame.

          For straight lines make sure the nodes don't have bezier handles.

          Hold Alt when clicking on node for them to change.