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    TOC: multiple character styles in heading


      I have a book created in InDesign 13.1 x64 (on Windows 7).


      Some headings have different character styles, like this:


      Sample Heading


      In TOC, I'd like to have all heading in regular font style, but the Italic style should be 'copied' there too, where it was set in the heading. The heading above should look like this:


      Sample Heading


      I have created a TOC style that have the heading character style set to [None] and applied the TOC heading paragraph style, which is formatted as heading should look like in the TOC by default (regular style, font size, etc).


      To the heading itself (the text, not in the TOC) is applied a different paragraph style (Heading 1), and the Italics is applied manually (overriding the Heading 1 settings); note that I also tried to apply a character style with only the Italic as its setting (everything else was set to be inherited from the paragraph style).


      TOC has 'copied' the Italic style, but also the Bold style, which is undesirable. It look like this:


      Sample Heading


      How could I accomplish this?