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    antialiasing problems with custom geometric transform


      Should not setting the transform of a component to a custom geometric transform, say customTransformMatrix, like this:
      component.transform.matrix = customTransformMatrix
      and then drawing some vector graphics be equivalent to manually calculating the pixel coordinates using,
      customTransformMatrix.transformPoint and then drawing the vector graphics( without changing the transform of the component from its default transform)?
      Unfortunately, if I follow the first method I don't get antialiasing. If I follow the second method I get antialiasing.

      The simple application below draws two arcs side by side. The arc on the left is drawn after changing the transform of the component on which I am drawing to the custom transform. The output looks aliased and bad. The arc on the right is drawn with the pixel coordinates calculated using matrix.transformPoint. In this case the drawing looks antialiased and good.
      The custom transform involves mapping the width or height, whichever is smaller, to 10 units, -5 to 5, with the origin at the center.
      Since I do see the drawing in both cases, I know that the transform is getting applied. I don't understand why I don't get antialiasing in one case