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    Dir 11 - weasel marketing

    macandrew Level 1
      Up front Adobe announces "Support for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional". Well, CS3 uses Actionscript 3, right? Dig a little deeper and you find a tiny little asterisk note, "*supports Actionscript 2". Well, this is not news, so did MX 2004. And it certainly is not a disclaimer because it doesn't disclaim anything, except by omission. Dig as deep as I can, nowhere does Adobe say that Director 11 does not support Actionscript 3. So does it or doesn't it?
      In the Director Help, I find this: "However, Flash 9 movies with AS3 or Flex components may not work as intended in Director." What does this mean?
      C'mon Adobe, come clean - AS3 is the single biggest new feature in Flash CS3 - Does Director support CS3/AS3 or not?