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    When i display my project colors appear

      Using Windows Vista, 64 x2, and 17" widescreen. I have recorded 5 different projects all on the same subject and approx. 50 slides. One with no sound. When I preview the project or publish the projects it appears normal, but during the preview a large color pixel will appear and grow. Eventually filling the screen. I use Norton 360 and have no virus that i know of. Is there a setting I need to make for Vista? I appreciate any help.
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          Hi deborahjoiner and welcome to the community

          This sounds very similar to various other posts here. If your screen is slowly turning red then the symptons are identical to other users. From what I can recall, the fix is to minimise Full Motion Recording and make your individual projects smaller. Other tips are to replace the "fancy" playbar's with the older bmp versions and to dump borders and associated nice to haves.

          For your own problem, it might be better to run a search in this forum for "red screen" and read the various postings. If this does not resolve your problem, then please post back here.