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    AIR application Updating

      Hi everybody!
      I have one urgent question.
      I'm developing some application which consists from main.swf, modeule(1).swf... - module(N-K)- ...module(N).swf.
      When first version will be released I'll have N-K modules. After released v2 I'll have all N modules created. Than I need to update my app. But I don't want to update all modules with v1, just few of them and add all modules released with v2. In this way my update would be faster. I don't want update whole app only small piece(main.swf, few modules and add new modules). But it seems Updater class doesn't accept files with not .air extension, and as result, all app will be updated.

      So, question!
      Can we update in AIR app separate modules(a few, not all) and main.swf which comunicates with these modules and loads them?

      I've tried just download separate files from server and change existing files with them. But then uninstall doesn't work properly and I can't restart app automatically for show new version of app

      Any answer will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!