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    Proxy workflow help!


      I got a head scratcher here..

      4K online R3Ds in project, created and attached proxies with custom 720p settings made in AME, and logged and prepped project.

      I assumed (wrongly I'm guessing) that I could merely retain the sound cards and proxies and my master project file in a little go portable drive and just reattach the proxies or whatever and work with the online disconnected. BUT when I went to reattach the PPro made proxies, it says there's an error because the ProRes I'm relinking contain 2 audio tracks when the original project clip contained 0.

      My gripe is, these are the same files that worked fine and connect normally in the original master drive, so why won't it reattach in a new drive?

      How do you guys export/clone projects with offline media to a go drive and how do you make this painless? Including the conform back to online eventually when THAT media is relinked...

      Hope you guys have some ideas. Don't wanna have to do 3 days work all over for no reason, not that I would...

      Sergio Montiel

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Work from a single system using only internal drives.


          Pretty flawless.

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            Jeff Bugbee Adobe Community Professional

            Hi srgmntl,


            I have attempted to duplicate your issue. I took a 4K video, added it to Premiere, right click - Proxy - create proxy - used the QuickTime format with Preset: 1280x720 GoPro Cineform.


            It created the proxy and attached it to the 4k footage.


            I then copied the project file, the 4k clip, and the proxy to my laptop and opened the project. The 4k file was there with the proxy still attached.


            I also was never asked to relink, I wonder if you could keep the path the same if that could resolve the issue? Perhaps in the act of re-linking it's doing an extra integrity check that is causing the hangup.


            Worst case scenario you could create a new 720p preset without audio (assuming your originals do not have audio) and recreate your proxy files and attempt to reconnect those. That would certainly be faster than a re-edit.

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              srgmntl Level 1

              Hi man,

              Thanks for the reply!

              So the difference is I did NOT put the original media on the portable drive. Only proxies. Under the impression it'd be possible to keep working with the same master project file and just reconnect the original media when it was available again. This way I could take the project mobile and what not. People tend to do this, I think this feature of the audio channel discrepancy is cramping my style that's all.

              4K DCI (4096 by 2160) R3D transcoded and attached as 720p ProRes LT within Premiere itself with a custom ingest setting created in AME. I manually copied the Production Sound, Proxies and project files on a portable drive but didn't clone the folder structure since I just did it manually, which is why I have to manually reattach the proxies.

              NOW I've actually managed to attach the proxies by doing it manually clip by clip (ugh) BUT my merged clips are still offline!!

              I've known that you're supposed to create proxies BEFORE merging your clips for the very reason that merged clips can't have proxies, but I assumed there was a way for me to work with proxies and no original media connected yet this doesn't seem to be the case if no merged clips can be attached to proxies. How is that supposed to work? Do I have to sync sound and render out merged clips as proxies in AME?? Ideas?