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    How to export recorded 21:9 gameplay as 16:9 for youtube


      I have recorded gameplay on my 34" monitor using Nvidia Shadow thing in 21:9 ratio. The ratio all clips are recorded in is 1920 by 802. Now I am trying to render the video so it can be watched in full screen on youtube regardless of any top or sidebars. I have tried creating a thousand sequences with different presets (1920 by 1080 etc...), cropping with different values, and in the end export window changing the parameters. Nothing has worked and cant find any help on entire net.Untitled.png

      Every rendered video plays as a box in the middle of screen on wide monitor, youtube, and my Note 8.

      I just need it to display as any regular 16:9 video unlike the box in the pic, dont care if some of the sides get trimmed.

      Here's link to latest Youtube upload Battlefield 1 War Pigeon Fast-Paced Gameplay - YouTube


      ps. I know to play and record in 16:9 ratio by changing Nvidia resolution from now on...