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    Using Sounds within a Flash Quiz

      I am creating a quiz in flash 8, mainly using the templates (template 3).
      The basics of this is a bit weird, its about how sounds distract the mind from being able to concentrate.
      What I want to do is have a lot of sounds playing (looping) at the beginning. Then as the questions get answered either some of the samples are taken away, or some more are put on.
      So if they are correct - A sound is taken away (so will be slightly less distracting)
      Of they are wrong - Another sound is put on (making it harder to focus.)

      Although I have had some experience in Flash for websites etc, I'm no expert. I've made a 24 question quiz using the 6 main types of questions in the template, though soundless at the moment.

      Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.