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    Sling Reverse Mapping ignoring parameters and special characters like #

    nivazdeent97086150 Level 1



      I tried using sling reverse mapping to convert my outbound internal URL. URL is getting converted properly but parameters(?#etc) are getting removed.


      For Example







      Inbound Request URL :http://localhost:4602/experience/summit-success-in-the-himalayas.html is resolving me successfully to the resource at /content/we-retail/ca/en/experience/summit-success-in-the-himalayas


      But the outbound configured Link URL /content/we-retail/ca/en/experience/summit-success-in-the-himalayas.html#abcd is getting converted as http://localhost:4602/experience/summit-success-in-the-himalayas.html by shredding #abcd. Is this the expected behavior. If not how can we resolve this ?