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    An unknown error occurred while reading the video file.

    Biodiversity Photography

      I have had this issue since upgrading to the latest LR Classic (7.3.1) running on Windows 10 Pro N. I get the error:


           "Some import options were not performed>An unknown error occurred while reading the video file"


      This occurs when either attempting to read from a card or synchronizing an existing folder with video files


      The video files are from a Sony Alpha 7rii, both .mts and .mp4. The would import fine before the update. Actually the very same files that imported before the update get this error now.


      In the import window dialog, the thumbnails read: "Preview unavailable for this file"


      All files open just fine in other programs.


      This is what I have tried so far:


           Allowing Adobe QT32 Server.exe and dynamiclinkmanager.exe  access through Windows Defender Firewall

           Reinstalling LR Classic 7.3.1

           Downgrading to LR Classic 7.3

           Downgrading to LR Classic 7.2

           Clearing video cache

           Testing integrity and optimizing catalog

           Restoring a previous backup when the process worked

           Removing all third party plugins

           Disabling all built-in plugins


      Er, help?