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    Lightroom won't move folders to network drive


      I'm using Lightroom Classic CC v7.4 on Mac OS High Sierra. I am trying to move several folders to an external network drive in my Time Capsule. For some reason whenever I select folders and drag them to my external drive in Library module I get an error saying "Error while moving files. There was an error copying files to the destination you selected. The following file could not be copied." And gives me a list of files. Interesting though is that if I check my network drive I can see those folders being created, but no files inside. On the other hand if I manually create a folder from Lightroom and drag photos into it everything works fine. So there doesn't seem to be any issues with read/write privileges.


      I clearly remember being able to drag a bunch of folders to this same drive in previous versions. For some reason I can't do this anymore.


      Did anyone have any similar issues?