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    Accessing child elements of an XML model in a DataGrid

    jlopes151 Level 1
      Here's the xml file

      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
      <states name="MA">
      <states name="PA">

      My DG is simple the results are at the state level stored in a XMLList which is used in the DG dataprovider.
      1st column I access the state attribute with the datafield='@name'
      2nd column I access the product with the datafield='product' and get another XMLList

      When I access this xml in a DataGrid I get the attribute of the state but the product comes back as an XMLList. This looks like I'll need to need to have a DataGrid within a DataGrid (not too pretty), Maybe use an AdvDG?

      Figure this is something someone else has done. Any ideas?