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    Project Manager -- Why so large?

    jalleystudios Level 1

      Hi Adobe Community,


      I'm not a pro-editor like most of you, so thank you for your time.


      So, I'm having a bit of a problem where I'd like to export just the RAW footage (and audio) from a 6min sequence, and well, it's giving me the entire clip and I don't have handles selected. 

      Now, it is RED footage (.R3D) so maybe I'm forced to have the whole clip in Project Manager, but


      Is there any other way (I'll accept easier ways also) to export just the ins and outs of each clip (including the audio) in the sequence?  Is it really that hard to be able to make your clips cut on the cut?  I read in the blog somewhere about creating a "Trimmed Project" and I think that's what I'm trying to do. 


      Any assistance would be awesome!


      I'm running Adobe Premiere 12.1.1 on Mac OSX High Sierra