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    Full Screen Video - Hardware scaling

    Shiv_Kumar Level 1
      The basic issue here is I want to ensure I'm using hardware scaling (for videos) when I change to full screen mode. Let's assume that the pc can handle it and that the Flash Player Config allows it as well.

      When I watch videos on YouTube and other websites the message about "Press Esc to exit full screen" is pretty small. As in, it doesn't seem to be scaling (stretching). However, when I see on on my "video player" (Flex application) This same message seems to be scaled.

      So I'm wondering is that is an indication?
      The following is the code I'm using
      private function swapFullScreenMode(event:MouseEvent): void {
      if (stage.displayState == StageDisplayState.NORMAL) {
      video1.width = video1.videoWidth;
      video1.height = video1.videoHeight;
      stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
      stage.fullScreenSourceRect = new Rectangle(video1.x, video1.y, video1.width, video1.height);
      stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;
      else {
      stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;