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    Virtual copy questions

    southwestform Level 1

      I usually create around 10-15 virtual copies for a photo, apply different presets to the virtual copies, and eliminate the ones I do not like.

      1. Is there another way of doing this?
      2. I always leave my original image untouched so I can go back and make additional virtual copies if I need. I find that it gets confusing after my initial creation of virtual copies because when I go back to the first one and make more virtual copies I am not clear on where the new/additional virtual copies are being placed. They seem to be placed in the middle of all of the virtual copies?

      Thanks for any info.

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          joefry99 Adobe Community Professional

          1. You could simply use snapshots, giving them meaningful names. But if you want to easily compare images with (that many!) different presets, I can't think of a better way than virtual copies. You could use stacking to reduce clutter.

          2. The new virtual copy appears to the immediate right of the image copied.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's perfectly "safe" and reasonable to work with the master image without creating a virtual copy. Lightroom doesn't ever apply adjustments to the master image file. All adjustments are stored in the catalog, the master file remains untouched and in its original pristine condition. You can always clear those catalog stored adjustments by clicking the reset button and start over. Personally, I prefer to work with the master image and then create virtual copies when I want to do a variation from what I have done with the master. If/when I ever get to the point that I don't like where I have gotten with the master image I will reset and start over. That doesn't happen often, but it has happened. I like to use virtual copies for different crops and when I want to do a black-and-white rendering of a particular image. However, I don't feel it's necessary to leave the master image completely "untouched" because it's never really modified in anyway. It's always easy to start over if necessary.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              First thing to do is make sure you are creating VC's of the original image. And again when creating new VC's.

              If you have one of the VC's selected and make a VC of that VC the newly created VC gets placed right next to the VC that was used to create it. Which I find confusing.

              With the original image selected the VC that is created gets placed next to the original and get numbered and stacked in the filmstrip and grid view properly.


              The confusing part also comes in when you remove a VC then create another VC. They will have the File Name followed by Copy 1, Copy 2 and so on as the Copy Name. When you remove a VC then create a new one it will get the same Copy Name as anther VC.


              So the thing to do is create all VC's you thing you will need to start with.

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                cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                Have you experimented with stacking? You can change the order from within a stack - that may help in addition to naming the copies. How to stack photos in Lightroom Classic CC

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