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    lr and back up


      My external drive got disconnected from my laptop which means my files were no linked. I think MAC created a new version of my external drive with extension of 1. So, it I from working I to working drive 1. So, the pics in the working drive 1 are not linked to LR. I renamed my external drive back to working drive. I then imported my pics back to I drive. Then I open up back up files most recent version backed too and it wants to upload to my hard drive on my MAC not to by external drive. I do have some folders on MaC hard drive. I called Adobe to speak with tech (twice) and third tech for almost three hours with no resolution even asked to speak with second tier. I am almost in tears from frustration as been working on this problem since 6 am eastern time. Is there someone who is willing to help me with this problem or refer someone to help me as I do not want to re-edit all of pictures or call adobe LR again.