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    elizabethw19646727 Level 1

      I stumbled upon this by mistake but my grandma has been paying $30 for stock for almost a year not even realizing she signed up for it, she thought it was something that came with cc! Can someone PLEASE cancel the adobe stock subscription for us?




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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Elizabeth,


          I understand the situation here and checked the account details.

          It seems like the subscription is in a suspended mode but still active and can be cancelled but the Stock subscription had been in use and about 21 licenses have been downloaded from that account.


          I would request you to Contact Customer Care for the cancellation and refund request.


          Let me know if you're unable to contact support.




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            elizabethw19646727 Level 1

            Right, she was aware she had this service but was unaware she was paying for it. We know that she has used it, we just want it CANCELED. She never would have subscribed to it, as it isn’t a need. She thought it came with her cc and didn’t question it. I tried following the portal several times and it keeps looping around. I looked through the forums and no one is of any help except for the few times someone just went in and cancelled it for the subscriber.


            Is there a phone number I can call to have this taken care of? We just need it canceled immediately!




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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Sure Elizabeth, I do understand your concern here.


              Kindly click on the customer care link here and follow the steps to get in touch with the support for cancellation or you may self cancel the plan as well. Please see Cancel your Adobe Stock membership


              I hope that helps!