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    Multiple Administrators

      Is it possible to set multiple administrators in Contribute CS3? I would like to have someone else available as backup to make changes in case I'm not available. The administrator field is editable. Is it possible to simply put in another email address separated by a comma and give the other person the admin password?


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          ThinkInk Level 2
          You can do this like this:

          1. in the main menu go to Edit, Administer Websites
          2. pick you website and go to Users and Roles
          3. click Send Connection Key
          4. check: Yes, Include ftp settings, click Next
          5. choose Administrator, click Next
          6. check Save to local machine and enter a password for your administrator-back-up-person
          7. save the key to your computer
          8. Send the key to your back-up admin by mail and provide him/her with the password