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    Lightroom does not Quit forever

    Roland_Rick Level 2

      I have a tiny Lr database with 606 NEF images (D500 and D850 mixed) plus 320 exported JPGs in it.


      I click quit and since over 15 minutes, I am expecting Lr to quit. But nothing happens, except boiling the iMac 5K - I can meanwhile cook scrambled eggs with the surface temperature of the Mac, this looks like so:


      Lr Neverending Quit (Active Processes) 2018-08-14 17-18-10.png


      Has anyone an idea how I could quit Lr without force quit?

      I have a guess what could cause the problem: The Mac went to sleep while exporting some and of course, Lr does not use the macOS service "Prevent Sleep" (while exporting).

      After waking up iMac, I am facing now this very ugly and inconvenient problem. A reliable piece of software handles such treats like assumed above better.

      I really appreciate any help.


      macOS: 10.13.6

      Lr: 7.4

      16 GB RAM, 4 GB vRAM, 500 GB free SSD, so no hardware issue


      Best regards,