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    sound cue trouble

      I make heavy use of sound cues to synchronise sound and visuals in my cross-platform project. The sound cues are authored on a PC into WAV files using SoundForge, and the files then converted to SWAs. I never had any problems with this approach using Director 10.1 and publishing to Win 32 and PPC. Now, using Director 11 (on Win XP) and targeting Intel Macs, I find that the sound cues simply don't work anymore. When the first cue is reached, the playback hangs for a second or two, before moving on without executing the action that is attached to the cue. Subsequent cue points don't even trigger a hiccup anymore.
      These issues are specific to the Macs (OS 10.4) - under XP, the cues are properly recognised. Has anyone else tried cue points in Director 11 yet?