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    "allow" flash to access microphone on website - filtering the highs???

      Hi all, not even sure where to ask this, I hope someone can give me some insight.

      When I go to a website that allows me to stream audio and video from my webcam - it pops up the flash dialogue box to ask my permission....that's fine - then I choose to route my soundcard's input to the stream instead of my webcam microphone and it works - but for some reason, it rolls off the high frequencies, and it sounds muddy and not clean and tight. With music, all the hi-hats are gone, and all the sizzle is missing, not great!

      I have been trying hard to find any info about HOW flash grabs the audio, or where I can change the settings as to how it interfaces with the incoming audio, but I can't find anything anywhere. The only settings seem to be, which line-in, and level - that's it. No audio controls of any sort...

      So...in testing - I tried listening to other people's streams on the same site, and they have clear audio! I can A/B between mine and others and mine is DEFINITELY filtered down.... ???

      I have tested my soundcard input into other recording software, like ableton live and it is FINE. No filtering is happening at the soundcard level, and recording into other applications is pristine and perfect.

      So, when I go thru the Flash interface on this website though, it is filtered and since I'm trying to stream live audio productions, it is frustrating to say the least.

      my setup - xp home, all updated, latest flash version 9....my soundcard is an external motu-2408-mkII with ASIO drivers.

      So, I guess my question comes down to this....since my sound input seems to work fine, but only going through Flash does it get filtered - HOW do I access the Flash drivers that affect this, Is there ANY info about how flash interfaces with my audio anywhere....

      Any advice will be greatly appreciated !! Thanks all, best regards,