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    Help - Captivate only captures one screen

      Can someone please help?

      I have used captivate for several months now so I aware how it works.
      However, having recommended it to a friend its not working for them.

      They installed it today. They click record and go through the screen processes and exit out of captivate.
      The file only shows the first screen shot saved.

      The sound of clicking when captaturing a screen only happens once - the first screen.
      Any ideas?

      Please advise...

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Ranjit

          What you described would seem to suggest your friend is recording in a totally manual mode and has turned off any help from Captivate.

          Have them look here:
          Click Edit > Preferences... > Recording node. There you should find a drop-down that allows choosing between Automatic and Manual.

          Cheers... Rick
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            adoh!be Level 1
            Cheers Rick.

            It was automatic.

            I did however do the IT thing and reboot the pc.
            It worked ... saved the file and more than one screen print was visible.
            However i tired to create another capture and it only saved the first screen again.
            I got fed up and swithced it off.
            I will try again tommorrow.