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    could not clone to another monitor


      I am writing a project,I want to show the film on two or more monitors,but i find the project only could show on one monitor and could not clone to another monitor,firstly I suspect some issue with graphics driver,but I download a project.exe from website and realize show on two or more monitors on the same computer at same time after run it.so I think that I maybe lack some config for the project.dir file which I am writing.Acutally,I dont know how to conig the projecet.dir file to realize .So need support from forum.

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          Some people use MIAWs (movies in a window) to utilise 2 screens -
          essentially 2 separate files running in 2 different windows that can
          communicate with one another if needed.

          An alternative is to simply set the rect of your single "stage" window
          to span both monitors. However, you'd perhaps want to be sure that your
          users have 2 monitors before doing so. Try the following:
          -- #movie script:
          on prepareMovie
          tRect = rect(0, 0, 0, 0)
          repeat with aRect in _system.desktopRectList
          tRect = union(tRect, aRect)
          end repeat
          _player.activeWindow.rect = tRect
          -- _player.activeWindow.drawRect = tRect
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            UdoGre Level 1
            Hi Leo,

            If you really want to clone (=identical copy) your video to a second monitor, this is controlled by the graphics adapter.
            My setup at home is so that as soon as a video plays on screen 1, it gets cloned fullscreen to screen 2, while at work most videos only play on one screen and show up black on the second, and no automatic cloning is set.

            And if you want to run your project on two screens, Seans post should help.